Enterprise Key Management


As a sponsor member of OASIS and a member of KMIP Technical Committee,
Hancom Secure is working in various fields of activity for international key management standards. For more information,


Key Management Interoperability Protocol:


KMIP Implementations known to the KMIP TC:



KMIP Interoperability:

Hancom Secure participated in the OASIS KMIP Interop at RSA2017 and tested with all participating KMIP servers and clients.

HancomSecure KeyManager Server HancomSecure KeyManager Client
  • Cryptsoft C Client
  • Cryptsoft Java Client
  • Cryptsoft C# Client
  • Cryptsoft C++ Client
  • Cryptsoft Python Client
  • Fornetix Key Orchestration Client
  • Oracle Solaris
  • Quintessence Labs qClient
  • Cryptsoft C Server
  • Cryptsoft Java Server
  • Fronetix Key Orchestration Server
  • Kryptus kNET HSM
  • Quintessence Labs qCrypt
  • SafeNet KeySecure

Hancom Secure Integration testing with the P6R SKC Secure KMIP Client in April 2017